My Priorities


We must be business friendly. Across western Shawnee, we must encourage and foster smart commercial and residential development. I will work with the Council and anyone interested in bringing more business and retail options to our area.


We choose to live in Shawnee because of our incredible schools and parks, safe neighborhoods, and close-knit sense of community. I am sensitive to the overall tax burden we all bear. We must continue efforts to grow our tax base with new commercial and residential development. I will not advocate or vote for anything that would cause a reduction in vital city services such as police, fire or public works.


We must ensure that the city does everything possible to keep Shawnee a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive community. 


The city should enhance its focus on environmental sustainability. The investment grade facility audit completed in 2018 was a good start. I will encourage the city to implement sustainable solutions wherever feasible.


National politics has become far too ugly and divisive. That's not who we are in western Shawnee. From day one, I have worked with council members, community leaders and citizens across the spectrum to solve problems and improve our lives and our neighborhoods. I want to sit down, talk through issues and see where we can reach common ground. Send me a message, let's talk!